5 Online Marketing Optimization Mistakes To Avoid

Jul 22, 2016
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When you conduct an online marketing campaign for your business, you want to get the best results possible from your efforts. As a Dallas online marketing company, we’ve encountered at least five online marketing mistakes that business owners sometimes make.

When you undertake an online marketing campaign for your business and brand, you have to consider all the possible avenues, strategies, and methods to adopt to drive and convert traffic in your favor.‍

There is no cut-and-dried formula for success, but there are basic irrefutable principles that can serve as guidelines toward meeting your goals. Likewise, there are plenty of mistakes that anyone can commit during all phases of the campaign.

We narrowed down these numerous mistakes into five, from an optimization POV. You see, each available marketing strategy presents an opportunity for increasing one’s chances of attaining their specific business goals, but plenty of struggling enterprises tend to miss out on these opportunities.

Not Optimizing Content

The long-standing adage ‘content is king’ rings true to this day. And there are plenty of missteps that can be committed when producing website content, including:

  • poor writing
  • content that isn’t useful to readers
  • content that isn’t targeted toward the brand’s target audience
  • content that isn’t posted regularly, constantly, or in sync with the target audience’s viewing availability
  • plagiarized or copied content
  • outdated information
  • irrelevant information (posting content for posting’s sake)
  • short-lived relevance (such as trending topics that aren’t really connected with the brand’s ethos)

If you want your brand to make a lasting impact on your market, your content must be consistently original, valuable, targeted, and well-written. No shortcuts.

Not Optimizing Devices

So you’ve got a well-maintained website, but can it be viewed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets? Optimizing your website for mobile devices allows much more of your target audience to connect with your brand while on the move. Plus, website templates that aren’t mobile-responsive are already considered obsolete.

Not Optimizing Measurable Data

Plenty of inexperienced business website owners tend to fail at their marketing campaign strategy from merely ignoring their website analytics and charting their course accordingly. Analytics – data – is there to provide the facts about audience response and activity, what resonates with them and what doesn’t. Ignoring it deprives you of the chance to purposefully guide your audience toward what you want them to see and how you want them to respond to your brand.

Not Using Search Engine Optimization

Without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website is as good as dead. SEO allows you to build and rebuild your site in a way that it can be easily found by your target audience through search engine results. The principle behind this is that users who use search engines want to find what they’re searching for. So if you position your website as highly searchable, then you’re likely to get more users who actually want to see your site, and your brand.

Not Optimizing Social Media

Using social media enables you, as a business website owner, to connect and form significant professional relationships with your target audience. Social media platforms provide a myriad of opportunities for you to promote your brand, while making it a more personal experience for your prospective customers. Ignoring or misusing social media as a promotional and networking tool is giving your competitors the chance to connect better with your audience.

If you’ve found yourself making these mistakes, or if you’ve noticed that your traffic and conversions aren’t growing at the rate you want them to, fret not. We’ve got several online marketing service packages to help you reboot your marketing campaign, so you can make the most of your promotional efforts.

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