Dallas Web Design Tips for Small Businesses: Finding Web Sweet Spots

Feb 27, 2014
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In this digital age, not having a website for your business will keep you consistently in the last place among your competitors in the market, but did you know that having a horrible site can be just as bad, if not worse? Indeed, when you make the first step in creating a more effective strategy for excellent online marketing to get your website in the forefront of web traffic, having a top-notch creative Dallas web design is invaluable.

Simple Homepage

If first impressions are meant to last, then you’re better off sprucing up your site’s homepage with everything that’s good about your business. However, design principles should rein in your enthusiasm as the first rule is to create a simple homepage that’s easy on the eyes—the better to hook in prospective clients. If you have a messy, convoluted homepage, visitors are likely to be put off, presuming that the rest of the pages are just as tangled or impenetrable.


Providing quality content is one of the most efficient means of online marketing today, which is why you should have a blog in your site. Here are some tips from Yahoo! Small Business:

“Write a quick article every day with industry news, tips or anything else related to your business. Keep the tone professional and don’t stray too far off topic. […] If you write interesting, unique content, you’ll draw in enough visitors to make it worth your while.”

Minimize Media

Audio and video media are great additions to your site when you can pull it off. However, images on the web that are overdone can easily turn into an eyesore. If you want to keep a chic and sharply designed page that should get visitors entertained, informed, and curious for more, professional Dallas video production and web design companies like Locus Dallas Web Design should be able to provide more than enough expertise to turn your web around.

In the end, remember that your website is the digital extension of your brick-and-mortar place of business. Hence, create a visually exciting room of image and text to keep visitors and customers alike entertained and informed about your business.

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