What Makes A Good Social Media Manager?

Apr 20, 2016
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How do you hire a good social media manager? Better yet, what criteria should you follow in deciding on the right social media manager for your business?

So you’ve got your official blog up and running, you’ve already linked it with the most active social networks around, and you’re beginning to amass a slow but steady stream of new followers. But unless you’re specifically devoted and skilled at handling your social media accounts, they’re better left at the hands of dedicated experts.

Our Dallas social media team of specialists understands this very well. Out of billions of social media users, only a mere fraction is adept at making the most of their social media activity, at least when it comes to marketing their brand, their ideas, or themselves.

We understand the impact good social media marketing can make on your business. It starts with a good social media manager.

Your social media manager must:

1. Understand the appropriate social media channel for the type of business that you own.

2. Understand and monitor the most important social marketing metrics every day: leads and engagement.

3. Be able to adapt to the online culture you’re marketing to, and to adapt to direct customers you’re selling to.

4. Understand their primary responsibilities as a social media marketer: listening to and engaging with your target audience.

5. Possess character traits needed to interact with your target audience on a daily basis, such as empathy, creativity, a sense of humor, persistence, trustworthiness, reliability, and good conflict-resolution skills.

6. Possess mental traits needed to effectively handle your marketing campaign, such as a strong capacity for analyzing data, strong organization skills, systematic workflow, and adaptability.

7. Be able to handle an online reputation emergency gracefully and promptly.

8. Be able to determine the most efficient way of investing a budget into your social media marketing campaign.

9. Be regularly and constantly active in researching and developing better ways to execute your digital marketing campaign.

10. Focus on building relationships, within your company, with your client, and with your target audience.

There are several other key traits that you might want in a good social media manager, but this is a good list to start from.

With our Locus Visual Arts social media management team, our main goal is to help our clients acquire and convert followers into regular paying customers from social media channels. So if you want to build a loyal online community for your business, contact us today for your free consultation, and we’ll make sure you get the followers and customers that you deserve.

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