How to Use Animation in Video Marketing

Jul 15, 2016
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Recently we discussed why using animation in video marketing is a viable alternative to live-action videos. As promised, we’d like to share ways how you can harness animation in your video marketing campaign.

Our Dallas 3D animation company understands all too well that live-action videos aren’t always a suitable choice for video marketing. This is why we are offering the option of using animated clips to tell your story and send your message clearly to your audience.

Since animation makes full use of motion, text, voice, sound, music, and visuals, it helps cement purchase decisions in your visitors, increasing your conversion rate. It may also help your SEO, as well as increase your traffic through viral marketing and video sharing.



Animation can also be efficient and economical, sparing you the time, effort, and expense of producing a live-action film. And, you can use it in more ways than one.

Emails & Newsletters

Animated videos can help keep your recipient focused on your email messages. Just make sure that the animation email is widely compatible with a number of devices and short enough for quick downloads.

B2B Marketing

Animation is a more efficient way of selling a proposal, product, or idea in a client pitch. No need for fussy setups or long-winded documents – everything your prospect or client needs to know is on the screen.

Website Animation

Embedded videos in your website keeps visitors on your website for longer. Animation can make these videos more fin and interesting, and can enliven the tone of a site that may otherwise seem too serious.

Advertorials (online, TV, and stock for digital signage)

You can use animation to create your advertorials to expound on your brand’s message, which can be embedded in your website, shared in social media marketing, aired on TV, or displayed on digital signage. Since animation easily captures and retains the interest of more age ranges and bigger markets, this is ideal if you wish to expand your market base.

Music videos

Animated music videos aren’t as plentiful as live-action MVs, so using animation to create a music video for your brand can be a unique approach to your marketing campaign.


Instead of just a standard advertisement, you can also use animation to create attractive and effective infomercials for your brand.‍



Animated Infographics

Got plenty of data to share about your company? Animated infographics can help you share that data while presenting it in a manner that’s easy to understand and remember.

You can use standard 2D animation to create your own unique video, but 3D animation lends more character and depth to your reel. Combined with a great concept, you can push the boundaries of your imagination and share your vision with your market base.

So give us a call today! Tell us about what you’d like for your audience to see on camera, and our talented artists will bring your ideas – and your brand – to life.


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