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CDN Is A Must For Your Website And Here Is Why

People are impatient and that can be easily seen when you’re driving around a busy metropolis like New York. On every road, traffic light, and even on the sidewalks, people will not hesitate to smash their horns , just to save a few seconds. In most big cities in the US, God forbid you haven't dashed off from the stop line after the signal turns yellow. A tirade of swears, horns, and other unpleasant screams will splash over you like a Tsunami. 

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Although still ongoing, we can already say without a hint of a doubt that 2021 was as sane as a cow, uncontrollably laughing while dancing on Macarena. Much of the world was on fire (sometimes literally), and this tiny little thing we almost notice in the past two years - the Covid pandemic - has dramatically changed the way we think, the way we make decisions, and most importantly, the way we look for products and services.

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Why Your Website Is Lost Without The DNS

Having a website in this day and age is fundamental for any brand. The presence on the web is crucial for getting new clients and having them spend time with you even from the comfort of their homes. And although in the real world you can give an address to your store by naming the street and its number, in the digital world, it is far more, well, digital. All addresses are sequences of numbers, and not knowing how to give the correct address to your client is the first step towards your fast and inevitable crash.

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Why Should Google Be Your Best Friend?

If you haven't lived with polar bears in the past two decades, chasing after all those juicy, delicious seals, you know about Google - the search engine that knows all. Can you imagine the world without Google? How many drunken arguments will remain unresolved, how many pointless facts will remain unknown, how hard research would be, and how difficult your online business will get. Yes, Google is much like a God - all-knowing, judging whether you are right or wrong and depriving you of all privacy. 

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Comparison: WordPress vs. Webflow

There is nothing more important than the website for a modern business. Especially after that little thing called the Global Pandemic, which threw society in disarray and panic, forced the mass digitization of almost all services. There is rarely a product or service that can't be found online, which gives a massive boost to the providers when it comes to reaching potential customers. 

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