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5 Reasons You Should Invest In Bing PPC

Today is a special day. Today we are not going to talk about Google. At least not all that much. Instead, we will give the spotlight to the second most preferred search engine in the world - Bing. You may have heard that we at Locus Digital love Google. We even tried to marry it at some point, but unfortunately, our lawyers were adamant that agreeing with the terms of use has zero legal rights to call Google our husband or wife. In fact, it seems that marrying a corporation is still illegal in the US, but that's an issue for another blog post. 

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How to Check And Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

There are three sure ways to lose money these days. The first is investing in the Russian ruble, the second is to put all your savings on 34 red on a rigged roulette, and the third is to start a PPC campaign without carrying about your quality score. Yes, shockingly gaining leads from Google can't be done by simply throwing money as if it's an exotic dancer in a sleazy bar. Google needs a bit of romance first. And by romance, I mean the quality of the ad you want to promote. 

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How To Choose Keywords for Google Ads

Keywords, keywords, keywords. It seems that every second blog we post is about these pesky little phrases that determine whether your website will get some free traffic or it will be as visited as a non-alcoholic bar in Russia. Well, this time we have something special. Yes, once again, we will talk about keywords, but this time in the context of Google Ad Words. 

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SEO vs. PPC: Which One Is A Better Investment

The website of your dreams is finally ready after months of exhausting explanations to web and graphic designers what exactly your vision of a top-selling webpage is. Or you have changed the design by yourself a thousand times until you started sending it to your best friend and mum three times a day, just to hear some encouraging words.

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