Tips On Selecting The Best Web Hosting Service

Jul 29, 2016
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A good web hosting service is the lifeblood of any professional website; a simple glitch or downtime in the service could cost you huge losses that may take a long time for you to recover. This is why our Dallas web hosting company cannot stress hard enough the importance of finding the best web hosting service for you.

These days, website owners are bombarded by tempting web hosting services left and right. Some companies offer free hosting services but with an eventual catch, and there are those that are well-known, but are saturated with clients or expensive. And of course, there are web hosting companies that can provide you with reliable AND affordable services, with practically zero downtime.

It all depends on what you need, and what you aim to achieve through your website. So we’d like to share with you a few pointers on picking a good web hosting service that’s easy on your budget and won’t let you down.

1. Avoid freebies.

Unless you don’t have a budget at all for hosting, buy your own domain. Otherwise, you risk looking amateurish to your audience, and the host owns your domain. Plus, if it’s one of those ‘free domain for the first year’ setups, you might be in for a ridiculously huge markup in renewal costs.

2. Do your research first.

Search for consumer reviews on every web hosting company that remotely catches your interest. Be wary of biased so-called ‘reviews’ on personal blogs, which may be sponsored content. Also, it’s common to find complaints, so check, check, and cross-check to make sure whether or not these have weight, and if these are something you are willing to deal with.

3. Register your domain separately.

This isn’t a question on your host’s trustworthiness; rather, your domain carries your brand identity. In case anything happens to your hosting service, you should still be able to use your domain should you have to switch hosts.

4. Pay attention to the bandwidth and disk space terms.

If you are aiming for a large viewership and community, you must consider making concessions for heavy traffic and file downloads. Some web hosting companies will charge large fees for increased data transfer, so find a plan that won’t kill your budget as well.

5. Beware of unlimited storage.

Read the TOS first. The idea of unlimited storage is obviously tempting, but the fine print may indicate that if you exceed a particular amount of storage under the CPU/Server Usage clause, the host may terminate their hosting services at any given time.

6. Perform your own backup.

While a good web hosting service will definitely provide you with assistance on backing up your files, we still recommend that you backup your own files as an additional and guaranteed safety measure.

7. Opt for short-term and renewable packages over long-term contracts.

Unless the hosting company is reputable and proven trustworthy, you’re safer with a short-term contract that you can easily back out of in case anything goes wrong. After all, you can always renew your contract if the service is great.

Your website always deserves the best web hosting services that you can get. Call us today so you can explore your options for secure, reliable, and affordable hosting from our team.

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