A Trusty Dallas SEO Company Performs Website Audit for SEO Campaigns

Mar 19, 2014
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Chris Raulf writes for Business2Community:

“How is your website doing? Are you ranking well? Is the site healthy? Oh, sure, you check your analytics, but are you really using the data productively? Consider this: eMarketer shared an EConsultancy and Lynchpin study that reported less than half of website marketers find analytics of any use in making sound decisions about their site.

A thorough SEO Site Audit can give a “big picture” of your website’s health and clearly indicates areas you can change in order to boost rankings, sales, and profits. Site audits are extensive reports that can vary from 25 to 40 pages, and take all the guesswork out of maximizing your site for the highest return.”

In the swirl of aggressive search engine optimization strategies among thousands of companies, a website audit can make a difference. When a reputable Dallas SEO company thoroughly checks a company’s website, the team of SEO experts determine which areas of the site need to be improved to meet campaign goals. When deviations from objectives are identified, new strategies are planned and implemented.

A website audit is recommended prior to engaging in any SEO campaign. Once analysis of the website is complete, an SEO campaign can be set up to target and work on the website’s weak points while building on its strengths. For instance, your website may not be generating enough customer visits because of poor or uninteresting content. One marketing strategy to correct that is to generate unique content for use on your website.

A more common pitfall in designing your website is providing its pages with link errors. Consumers are endlessly frustrated when they have to browse through a website full of links that show “404 Not Found” pages. The links have to show the correct pages or sites. Additionally, page loading speed and other website structures have to be enhanced and updated.

Keyword optimization is one of the key components in SEO campaigns. This involves analyzing keywords that consumers use when looking for a certain product or service, and selecting the top keywords to drive traffic to the client’s website. Sub-components for this includes integrating keyword-optimized meta-descriptions, titles, and various informational and promotional articles. The end objective of SEO campaigns, along with website design, is to help the client company gain more leads and convert visitors into paying customers.

Algorithms for Google, which powers ranking and indexing of relevant sites, are constantly changing and are being updated. Since Google is the largest and most used search engine, business websites must conform to their complex rules. With search engine optimization by Dallas SEO companies, such as Locus Visual Arts, chances are you can reach your target market more effectively and turn consumer traffic into profitable conversions.

(Source: 5 Ways an SEO Site Audit Can Improve Your Website’s Rankings and Profits, Business2Community, March 10, 2014)

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