Why Video Marketing Works With Millennials

Apr 4, 2016
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Video marketing is an indispensable tool if you’re aiming to catch the Generation Y, aka millennial, market. If you haven’t tried it yet, our Dallas video production company will show you why video marketing is essential to promoting your business website to the next generation of consumers.

Millennials aren’t as responsive to TV, radio, and print advertising as the older generations are. But they’re naturally tech-savvy, and social media plays a huge part in catching and keeping their interest in spending on lifestyle-based experiences, so they can keep up with their peers.

This is where video marketing comes in handy.

1. Entertainment

A great amount of entertainment for millennials comes from watching and sharing viral videos. In fact, they even use a great number of video-sharing apps for day-to-day communication with their peers.

Incorporating funny and interesting content in your video marketing strategy will help you reach this particular market segment, especially those active on social networks.

2. Education

Instead of books, millennials tend to refer to videos for crash courses, demos, how-tos, and news. When you demonstrate how your product works, or what it’s like to avail of your services on video, you have a greater chance of engaging the younger market’s interest in your business. Not only that, if your videos are consistently informative, interesting, and entertaining, you’ll have better opportunities for gaining more loyal followers on social media.

3. Creating Buzz & Brand Perception

When a video has share-worthy content, millennials who are active on social media tend to be the first to like/dislike, share, and comment on it. If that video happens to be about your brand, it may only take minutes for it to go viral with a massive market response. In turn, how your market responds to your products helps build brand perception at a speed that traditional print, TV, and radio advertising cannot match.

The Generation Y market prefers video over text as a medium for acquiring, producing, and sharing information online. Share your own videos on your website and social media channels to get them as your loyal following.

4. Purchasing

A great number of millennials are more likely to purchase a product after watching it in use, or being reviewed, on video. Consider it as the equivalent of a TV commercial, only endorsed by a non-celebrity (read: someone more real, ergo, more relatable). Video drives purchasing activity; if you wish to increase your sales, one great way is to release a video demonstrating how to use your product and its immediate benefits.

5. Action-Based Social Media Results

Aside from generating revenue through purchases, video marketing drives Gen Y markets to a high amount of engagement on social media. The more interest a video generates, the more shares, likes, retweets, reposts, and comments/conversations it receives. For the owner of such a video, greater engagement means better analytics, which also translates to higher search engine rankings and better chances of gaining new traffic for conversion.

If you’re new to video marketing or wish to produce better videos for your website, it’s best to avail of services that offer expert video production. You’ll be assured of getting results that meet your business objectives while boosting your revenue and brand authority.

As a premier Dallas video production company, we’ll make the work easier for you. We’ll help you create animated or live-action videos that are geared towards highlighting the best points of your business, helping you build a stronger and more effective brand reputation while generating more interest from your market.

Trust us, video marketing can help your brand make a huge impact on your audience, more than you’ve ever imagined.

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