5 Basic Reasons Why Your Visitors Don’t Convert

Oct 22, 2016
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You’ve done the math, nailed the SEO, got the social media marketing game going on. Your website is beautifully designed, its content is well written, and you’ve got an amazing product or service with a competitive price. Naturally, you’re attracting droves of highly-targeted active visitors.

Sounds ideal? Perhaps, except for one glitch: your visitors aren’t turning into customers.

What gives?

Despite numerous favorable factors, there can still be plenty of detractors to conversion success. We’ve rounded up some of the most common issues that can hinder your success as an online business owner.

Slow loading time

If you were craving for pizza, would you want to wait for 45 minutes to be served when there are pizzerias that can serve you in 15? It’s the same with page loading. If your visitors must wait long for your website to load when they can find a similar faster website, guess where they’ll go.

Hard-sell pitch

You’re on a first date, everything seems to be going well, then your date proposes marriage before the dessert arrives. Run, right? Your website visitors, especially first-timers, would equally be turned off if your pitch goes straight for their wallets. So step back a bit and take some time to know each other as prospects and business. Nurturing your visitors first increases your chances of getting them to convert into your loyal following.

The customer isn’t king (or queen)

When you decide to visit any shop with the intent to buy, you’re focused on what you’ll get out of the transaction. You don’t go to a store thinking, “Today I’m blowing $1500 here to help line the business owner’s pockets.” So, as an online shop owner, talking about your business and how good you are won’t impress your visitors. You’ll get a better response from listening first to what your customers need, then making your business all about them.

Not mobile-friendly

Practically everyone owns a smart mobile device now. If your website cannot be browsed properly via mobile, you’re missing out on over half your target market. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t make your website responsive; anyone who tells you otherwise is either clueless or out to sabotage you. You can test your current website for responsiveness on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test app. If it isn’t responsive, have it updated for mobile use, ASAP.

Misleading guest transactions

Have you ever shopped online only to find at the checkout that you’re required to register for an account? Annoying, isn’t it? Required registration can turn off your visitors. But that’s still fine if you state this from the start. What’s particularly irksome is if your visitors have gone through all the trouble of picking out their purchases before finding out that they need to create an account to complete the transaction. They’ll feel mislead. Instead, offer a guest checkout option for quick transactions; returning customers can sign up for user accounts, with extra perks.

It’s important to note that these issues can easily be addressed, or better yet, avoided with good web design. From template to programming, to content creation and management, all these can deliver a website that will help you attract and convert visitors into customers. And if you’re ready for a better, high-converting website, contact us today for a free first consultation!

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