Animation in Marketing: Why It Works

Jul 8, 2016
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Animation is a great alternative to live-action videos, especially when used in your marketing campaign. Our Dallas 3D animation team shares several reasons why.

1. Identity

Remember some iconic characters from TV advertisements like the Energizer Bunny, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and the M&Ms? They’re all animated. And just like them, you can create your own unique and memorable iconography to provide your brand with your very own spokesperson. Or character.

2. Economy

Depending on the elements you need and length of the video, animation grants you the option of cutting down on production costs.

3. Fun Factor

Animation can take the viewer back to their childhood by providing entertainment through visuals and events. This lets you become more emotionally connected to your audience on a level that live-action videos can’t reach.

4. Creativity

You can present certain abstract concepts in a more visually imaginative way with animation. Just take a look at one of the 3D videos we’ve created — it’s a feel-good, upbeat piece that demonstrates the unlimited reach of your creativity.‍



5. Easy to Understand

There are some ideas that live-action videos simply cannot communicate clearly. Animation addresses this by allowing you to convey complex visual concepts in a more simplified manner that’s easy for your audience to understand.

6. Professionalism

Eye-catching animated graphics can be highly professional, in that they can be used to communicate abstract business concepts more clearly by eliminating visual and emotional clutter. All you’ll see is The Big (or Supporting) Idea minus the distraction that sometimes go with live-action videos.

7. Market Flexibility

Because animation can be more of a symbolic than a realistic representation of certain ideas, it can resonate with broader target markets. This lets you reach more people whom you can eventually convert into your loyal and paying customers.

8. Impact

Live-action videos can create a strong impression when directed and executed properly, but animated videos can amp up the visual and emotional impact by stretching the viewer’s imagination to a degree that live-action videos cannot.

When you hire a well-trained, highly skilled 3D animation company to develop your unique animated video, you have a better chance of giving your brand a unique persona while entertaining your website visitors with unforgettable ideas. Later, we’ll also be discussing how you can use 3D animation in your video campaign.

If you want to bring your branding up to the next level, give us a call today and we can discuss what 3D animation can do for your marketing campaign.

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