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Why Site Speed Matters In SEO?

"Speed, give me what I need," a bleached middle-aged man sang in the early '90s and had no idea how right he would be some 30 years later. Well, ok, Billy Idol's song was more about a bus full of explosives that will explode if it slows down, and maybe some substances. Still, it can relate perfectly to the digital world and the public's unrealistic demands towards websites in today's context. 

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8 Wonderful Choices For Your CRM System

Congratulations. You have a captivating website, excellent SEO, extraordinary content and all search engines love you just as much as your targeted audience. You are the coolest kid on the block, and everyone wants to play with you, take a selfie, and invite you to their birthday. Your business is booming, your brand is becoming a household name, and your sales are skyrocketing. You've done it. You've conquered the Internet, and now you can relax and enjoy the profits. 

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CDN Is A Must For Your Website And Here Is Why

People are impatient and that can be easily seen when you’re driving around a busy metropolis like New York. On every road, traffic light, and even on the sidewalks, people will not hesitate to smash their horns , just to save a few seconds. In most big cities in the US, God forbid you haven't dashed off from the stop line after the signal turns yellow. A tirade of swears, horns, and other unpleasant screams will splash over you like a Tsunami. 

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